Manufacturing process

Bottle manufacturing

We use industrial process coming from pharmeutical industry which means that we work with noble material such as neutral or sodocalcique glass. This enables to make a bottle perfectly regular with high conservation quality which meet our customers’ specifications and requirements.

We are very proud to have managed to transform a craft know-how into an industrial process with same quality standard.

With a diameter from 4,75 mm to 35 mm , plus the cylindrical shape constraint, plus all customization possibilities we have succeeded in transforming a standard bottle into an exceptional product at the same low cost as a basic item.

From 1ml to 75 ml, we find always the best solution for our customers.


For our range of bottles we propose a large choice of various finishing such as ceramic and organic silk screen printing. Thanks to our constant efforts in Research and Development, today, we are very happy to offer you a full color pallet with more than 5000 different inks.

Our customers can also choose beyond gold or silver printing, Spray lacquer, acid hetching, labels printing or metallization that we have already developed for specific requirements.

Feel free to contact us and we will create together the ideal glass bottle.

Accessories & closures

In Fashion & Design, a good style is all about the details and comes essentially from accessories. Same for bottles: caps, printing and finishing will enhance a bottle and make it as a unique designed bottle.

As time goes by, we have developed a large range of accessories which is our own property. Closures with stem, oil caps, roller ball .All these specific accessories are proposed exclusively by Flacopharm.